AM3D A/S provides world-class audio technology. AM3D delivers software solutions for audio enhancement and 3D audio for mobile phones and other portable devices, in-car and home entertainment systems and for mission-critical applications. We hold several patents on audio technologies.

The commercial activities with 3D audio began in 1997 in a subsidiary of Nordjyske Holding A/S. In 2000 we signed the first contract with the military industry, and in 2003 AM3D A/S was formally established as an legal entity.

The company head office is located in Aalborg, Denmark, and the company has two subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan, and in Seoul, South Korea. AM3D is owned by Nordjyske Holding A/S. The group has a history dating back to 1767 and has more than 2,000 employees working in the fields of newspapers, radio, television, call centres, new media research, development and technology.

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